We Walk With Faith and Passion — Good Friday Hymn

Each year Rev. Brian McIntosh writes a new verse to the hymn based on the Passion Chorale. This year the 3rd verse was added for the theme of water.

We Walk with Faith and Passion 2016
(available as a PDF below)

We walk with faith and passion upon our city’s streets
to protest pain’s new fashion as death’s refrain repeats
the Friday cross of Jesus,
a victim of the pow’rs
of war and wealth and madness, ‘til justice, life is ours.

In public paths and places, as women, children, men,
we see in blood-stained faces the crossed-up Christ again.
The corp’rate sin of many,
of race and class and creed, denies new life to any |who are betrayed by greed.

In blood-filled, toxic water, pollution, pipelines, drought,
there’s Pilate’s, empire’s laughter
as hands are washed of doubt.
We waste the flowing fountain of Earth’s safe watersheds;
by failing their protection we’ll thirst in desert beds.

While waging peace and freedom we name the crucified,
for reconciliation is why the rabbi died.
Our journey is for healing
of social sins and fears,
our songs and prayers revealing the promised end of tears.

Words: Brian McIntosh Music: Passion Chorale

Good Friday Walk Hymn (Download a PDF version, 1 page)